Meet Our Guides


Owner and founder of MTG, Matt has been mountain biking since the late 80’s. Always passionate about outdoor play, he is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder. As the owner of Mountain Café located at Silver Mountain Resort he also has a passion for great food. Matt was inspired by an event he did called Trans Cascadia. This is a multi-day Stage race on amazing trail accompanied by catered meals in the woods that were just as amazing as the riding. From there the pieces fell into place. Awesome riding and great food put together as a fun filled adventure. The café opened in 2005 and Matt has been riding Silver Mountain Bike Park every summer since. With an intimate knowledge of the trail system, wilderness first aid training and a certified instructor/guide license, Matt loves to show riders the mountain and give them and unforgettable culinary experience.

Morgan Winchester

When I’m not pedaling my bike, I’m usually skiing. I am a pro-patroller with Silver Mountain. I’ve spent the last two summers working on the trails, and spent the last two winters working with the snow up there bumping chairs and patrolling. If you went into the aid room and said “I am looking for the best ______,” someone would point you in my direction. I hope that you have seen me on the trail for the right reasons since I am part of the first responders for Silver Mountain. I am certified in Outdoor Emergency Care, and also have my Wilderness First Responder.  I prefer the tech trails, like El Burro Loco (mostly because I helped make it), but am always down for a good run down old school. See you out there, lets get rowdy out there!