Ride Description

Step 1: Meet

We’ll meet and greet at Mountain Café, in the gondola village. We’ll get to know each other and talk about the journey we’re going to embark on!

Step 2: Prep

Now out to the plaza to perform a bike check to ensure safety. There will be an ability assessment to make sure the route that is chosen is a good fit for the group. You are welcome to drop off a bagged change of clothes at the café for dinner, as there will be a changing area at the dinner site. We’ll have your bag waiting for you there. After we are through with preparations, we will provide lift tickets and make our way to the gondola for load up. The gondola ride is beautiful, enjoy the view and info from our knowledgeable guides!

Step 3: Ride

We will be on the trail for up to 3 hours so bring plenty of water! The guides will have some provisions but it’s best to be prepared. We will be taking you on journey that is within the Silver Mountain property, but a route that is unique and something you may not have found without a guide. There will be plenty of stops at incredible vistas where we can rest and take pictures.

Step 4: Dine

Once we have descended the mountain and exited the trail system it’s time to eat! The group will be led to the Mountain Tour Group dinner site at Ross Ranch. There you will be treated to a culinary dining experience in the woods. If you choose to have a bag sent now you can change into casual clothes for dinner. We are happy to accommodate for any allergies or dining preferences. We will start the dining experience with some light appetizers and beverage of your choice, a glass of wine or beer included. Your meal will be served family style at a community table. All food items are sourced locally from sustainable farming techniques- this is a real farm to table dining experience! We will serve a delicious balanced meal followed by a yummy dessert.

After dinner you are welcome to hop back on your bike and ride a mile on the level paved bike path back to the resort where your journey began. If you don’t feel like riding, a shuttle will be provided.